In the race to protect the nation’s critical infrastructures and key resources (CIKR) from various threats, expediting information exchange between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), its partnering agencies, and the private sector is a front-line imperative. InfraGardard’s Sector Program (SP) escalates communication across the organization by enlisting industry’s top subject matter experts (SME’s) as liaisons to facilitate information sharing and communication between the FBI and local InfraGard Member Alliances (IMAs). This added exchange fuels the ability of the FBI and government partners to address threats to the 16 recognized sectors of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Custom communication at the local, regional, and national level

At the field level, the program is flexible, with each IMA architecting its SP to be most beneficial for its venue. SP structure correlates with the threatscape in the area of responsibility for individual Alliances and their aligned FBI field office, and local FBI Special Agents in Charge (SACs) maintain responsibility for identifying and assigning priority to sectors. While development and rollout of the program varies by Alliance, ultimately, all IMAs will identify at least one InfraGard member to serve as a Sector Chief Coordinator (SCC). Over time, the SCCP will evolve from the local to the regional level, and expand to support national information sharing for each sector represented.

The Sector Chief and Sector Specialist Selection  Process

SC selection for IMAs begins with an examination of the community in which the particular Alliance serves. If it is well-established, an evaluation of existing membership often acts as a starting point for potential SC candidates. Membership can also be polled for potential candidate suggestions within sectors. Once a candidate is identified, a member of the IMA board may extend an invitation, at which time the candidate can choose to accept, decline, or recommend another qualified candidate. All Sector Chiefs serve at the pleasure of the IMA Board of Directors. The same process is used in recruitment of Sector Specialists who serve at the pleasure of the BOD and the Sector Chief for their particular sector.


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