FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

For those financial services organizations that fall under the watchful eye of the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), you’re probably at least passingly familiar with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). The FFIEC developed a self-assessment tool to help institutions identify their vulnerabilities and determine their current state of cyber risk. The FFIEC recognized that financial institution Boards of Directors didn’t have a clear, understandable, and consistent vehicle for communicating the state of cyber-preparedness of the computer systems they were overseeing. Since few Boards of Directors has cyber-experts as members, the technology and jargon of penetration testing, [...]

Introducing the Indiana Infragard Financial Services sector blog

Hello and welcome to the Indiana Infragard Financial Services sector blog. In this blog, we will be addressing some of the issues relating to the banking and financial services sector. There is a lot of information that is being presented to us from many directions. Trying to keep up with the FS-ISAC, the IN-ISAC, US-CERT, InfraGard, etc. can be a full-time job. I don’t plan to make this blog yet another alert system for telling you things that you’re already getting from these other sources. In this blog, I’m going to be trying to find the obscure, oft-overlooked, and yet [...]

Making the Business Case for CyberSecurity: Lessons Learned from the former US CISO, Brig. General Greg Touhill USAF (retired)

Greg Touhill is one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity and information technology senior executives. A highly experienced leader of large, complex, diverse, and global operations, in 2016 Greg was selected by President Obama as the U.S. government’s rst Chief Information Security O cer. His other civilian government service includes duties as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and as Director of the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center where he led national programs to protect the United States and its critical infrastructure. Greg is a retired Air Force general o cer, a [...]

FBI Award Presentation

As part of our Q2 Sector training program event held at AES last Firday, June2, 2017 Indianapolis FBI SAC W. JAy Abbott presented Tom Gorup, Deputy Sector Chief for IT with an award for his outstanding leadership and willingness to go above and beyond in creating and then sharing valuable intel with the IT community surrounding the recent Wannacry ransomware outbreak. On Friday night, May 12, 2017 while the Wannacry breakout was spreading across the EU, Tom was watching and created a number of Indicators of Compromise and other warning signs that hosts should be on the lokout for duing this [...]

Scholarship Announcement

The InfraGard Indiana Membership Alliance has established a scholarship program targeting individuals  who are in the process of furthering their education in the are areas of Cyber, EMS, and Law Enforcement. More details will follow. Our Scholarship Director is Ms. Tasha Phelps. For more information please email:   scholarships@indianainfragard.org   Check back soon for more information.

FBI Closes Pharmaceutical Theft Case

In the middle of a powerful March nor’easter that was lashing the East Coast with rain and wind, a tractor-trailer backed into a loading dock at a secluded warehouse in Enfield, Connecticut. It was late on a Saturday night. Before dawn the next morning, thieves had made off with $60 million worth of pharmaceuticals—the largest theft in the state’s history. The details of the heist—including a mysterious tip called in to local police a few days later—have all the markings of a Hollywood whodunit, but what’s truly remarkable about the 2010 theft from the Eli Lilly warehouse is the investigative [...]

FBI Podcast for 4-6-2017

In observation of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, the FBI highlights the work of child/adolescent forensic interviewers, who work to elicit accounts of crime from child victims in a sensitive and unbiased way.

Sector Program Update

2016 was a very busy year for us in the Sector program. With over 60 members now, we were able to conduct multiple training events around such hot topics as Healthcare, Financial Services, Malware Analysis, and our first annual InfraSec conference. It took a lot of work on everyone’s part and we are looking forrward to a new and even more successful 2017. Things have been quiet on the Sector Program front for several months, but was recently kicked off with a day long training and development workshop host by our Financial Services team. Over 30 people attended and we [...]

FBI Director Addresses Cyber Security Gathering

On March 8, 2017, Director James Comey delivered the keynote speech at the first Boston Conference on Cyber Security—co-sponsored by Boston College’s Cybersecurity Policy and Governance master’s degree program—which was attended by cyber security leaders from the academic, analysis, operations, research, corporate, and law enforcement areas. This morning, Director James Comey delivered a keynote address at the inaugural Boston Conference on Cyber Security, touching on the current cyber threat landscape, what the FBI is doing to stay ahead of the threat, and the importance of strong private sector partnerships. The conference, a partnership between the FBI and Boston College’s Cybersecurity [...]

Holiday Activities

As we move into the sultry heat of a Hoosier August, it hardly seems the time to begin a discussion of Holiday activities, but as many of you know, they will be on us quickly. So I am writing to encourage each and everyone one of you to get behind our local causes and do what you can to help those less fortunate. This year we are attempting to assist with the US Marine Reserves, Toys for Tots program. Toys for Tots is a private, non profit, non denominational activity of the US Marine Reserves that involves collecting toys around the [...]