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InfraGard Indiana
Members Alliance

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InfraGard Indiana
Members Alliance

Assist with the InfraGard Mission to Learn, Respond, Protect, and Participate in the protection of critical infrastructure.

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InfraGard Indiana
Members Alliance

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A: InfraGard is a government and private sector alliance that was developed by FBI Cleveland in 1996 to promote protection of critical information systems.  The program has grown to an FBI Headquarters supported program and all 56 field offices support at least one InfraGard Chapter within their territory through the assignment of one ore more Special Agent InfraGard Coordinators.  InfraGard provides formal and informal channels for the exchange of information about our nation’s critical infrastructures and key resources.  The mission of the InfraGard program is to increase information and intelligence sharing between the FBI and InfraGard members to strengthen the defense of our nation’s critical infrastructures and key resources across FBI priority programs.

A: It costs nothing to become an InfraGard member. Some IMAs/chapters, however, may choose to assess a local fee that goes toward conducting meetings, paying for speakers, etc. For example, the Los Angeles IMA charges an annual fee of $50.

A: The FBI establishes the criteria for membership. In general, any US citizen over the age of 18, who is committed to the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure may join.

A: The current membership is primarily made up of the business leaders from industries that represent critical infrastructures (transportation, energy, water, etc.) and government agencies.

A: Go to (INMA website) and click “Become a Member – Apply for Membership” to access the application. Submit the online application and sign, date, and fax the “Rules of Behavior” to the number provided. It takes 30-90 days for the application to be processed.

A: InfraGard is necessary for several reasons:

  • Most infrastructure components are privately owned and operated.
  • The public and private sector have a wealth of information on critical infrastructures and key resources to share with one another.
  • critical infrastructures and key resources are often interconnected.
  • Globalization of critical infrastructures and key resources increases exposure to potential harm.
  • Owners and operators of critical infrastructures and key resources should know the FBI’s needs and where to report incidents.

A: The primary focus of InfraGard is to share actionable intelligence information with the FBI for investigative purposes.

A: Chapters generally host a guest speaker who presents on topics that are of interest to the Chapter members and other interested parties. These topics include, for example, pandemic outbreaks, cyber vulnerabilities, and continuity planning. Additionally, time is allowed for the members to interact with each other for informal discussions.

A: No. In general, InfraGard meetings are open unless otherwise stated. Some chapters, however, may opt to have members-only meetings.

A: The benefits to the U.S. Government include:

  • An increase in cases enhanced and initiated;
  • Fulfillment of PDD-63’s requirement for the FBI to play an active role in protecting our critical infrastructures;
  • New channels to disseminate cross-sector information from the FBI and other government entities;
  • New contacts in the critical infrastructures and key resources community;
  • Reliable, trusted critical infrastructures and key resources information from the FBI and other InfraGard members;
  • Better understanding of the FBI and other law enforcement resources available to combat cyber and physical threats;
  • Education and training on cyber and physical security topics; and
  • The opportunity to interact and share information with representatives from the law enforcement community, academia, private industry, and other government agencies.

A: The InfraGard secure website is an FBI certified and accredited system which provides InfraGard members access to sensitive but unclassified information from government sources such as DHS and the FBI. The secure website also provides an internal secure email option for communication between members.

A: If you do not know how to reach the InfraGard secure website, please contact the InfraGard Helpdesk for assistance.

A: Use of the InfraGard logo (“seal”) is governed by the FBI Guidelines for use of the InfraGard Service Mark which are available on the InfraGard secure website. Please refer to these guidelines before making use of the InfraGard logo. In general, no business entity (whether a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, educational institution, association, alliance, etc.) may use the InfraGard name or logo without express written approval of the FBI. Persons who are InfraGard members in good standing may state in writing or otherwise, without further permission, that they are InfraGard members, that they are voting affiliates of the InfraGard Members Alliance and that they are members of InfraGard. Persons who are InfraGard members, without further permission, may place on business cards or personal stationary the InfraGard logo with the inclusion of the tagline: “A proud member of”. The same logo may include the name of the InfraGard Chapter underneath the graphic. NO PERSON MAY USE THE INFRAGARD LOGO WITHOUT THE TAGLINE. Non-members may not use the InfraGard logo.